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School Dates 2012-2013

*School dates for the academic year 2012 - 2013 are now available. - Please check with the school office on 01945 780121 before booking holidays, as these may differ slightly from those published by Norfolk County Council. 

Please note the changes below.

School WILL BE CLOSED to children on February 25th and April 15th  and July 24th 2013 for staff training.

School WILL BE OPEN for children on March 28th and June 26th  2013

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Visit to school by Gordon Boyd, Assistant Director of Children's Services.

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We currently have 2 vacancies.

We are seeking to appoint a Mid day Supervisior as soon as possible to start in April, on a permanent contract.


We are also seeking to appoint a Mid Day Supervisor initially on a one year temporary contract, from September 2013.

For further details please contact the school office.


Pupil Premium Statement 

Within all schools’ budgets there is an element known as the Pupil Premium. This Premium is allocated to schools to support the learning of children from low income families, children from Service families, and those children who are Looked After ( In Care). 

Anthony Curton School is a fully inclusive school, and all our children, regardless of ability or need, are fully integrated in the life of the school.  An element of this funding is used towards the provision of additional adult support in all classes which include children in low income families.  An element of the Premium is also used to support the delivery of additional intervention programmes, both academic, and social and emotional, to those children in need.  Elements of the funding also contributed to the cost of staff and support training, to enable them to meet the needs of the children most effectively. Published resources to support the teaching of children within the group, for example Social Stories, have also been purchased using this funding. Occasionally, teaching and support staff are required to attend meetings with other professionals, around children within the Pupil Premium Group. The Premium is used at times to help offset the costs related to these meetings. The Premium was also used to provide early mornng care and after school care for some children within this band during a family emergency.

For the academic year 2012 13 the allocation was approximately £11,000. This is significantly more than the school will receive in future years, as data going back over 6 years was used.

The impact of the funding is significant.  The majority of children within the group make expected or accelerated progress in the curriculum, and in their social and emotional development, by the time they leave the school. A   minority do not make this progress, due to other significant underlying needs.  


Copies of all policies, including those for Safeguarding, Single Equality, Child Protection, Health and Sex Education, Complaints, and Accessibility and Disability Discrimination are available on request from the school office.


School is required by law to be open for a total of 190 days for the children, and the equivalent of a further 5 days for staff training. School does liaise with the other 7 Custer schools, including the High School, regarding when the 5 closure dates will be, as we are aware different term dates can cause parents some inconvenience.  However, dates are chosen carefully to meet the needs of staff training, particularly in the light of new Government initiatives and Whole School Development priorities, and at times school term start and finish dates may differ within the Cluster.